Happy 2018! ✨

by - 7:47 PM

Welcome in new 2018, my dear readers. I wish you fulfilling all said and unstated dreams, happiness, smile on your face, satisfaction of the life, rest and lack of tears. I wish nearest 365 days to pass calmly and be filled up with very beautiful, magic moments. ✨

However the most, I would like to thank you for your presence in past, 2017. I'm very pleased that it was so plenty of you with me, and with each passing day new persons joined. As well as is also great joy for me, that yesterday while lasting the New Year's Eve night (only the night!), many parties and fun, people from nineteen countries of the world looked to my blog. In spite of different time zones in many of these countries there was also a night then - time of most intensive celebrating. I'm pleased that even then, this one and only night in the year, you decided to spend at least a moment of your time reading my blog. Thank you 💗
I hope in this new, 2018 even more of you will gather here and stay with me 🌸

With the power of wishes.
~ Magdalene Anne

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