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Are you wondering what is this title? How did I create it? What it says, what means?
If yes, don't worry - in a minute you will know.

Blogosphere. Seemingly secret, quite specific and unusual community.
And bloggers... They seem to be artistic souls, authors, who (if they are good at what they do), inspire us and many times motivate. However... Under this mask of the miracle ordinary people which at the smallest chance, success, purpose which they lost, would be able to claw eyes of the other blogger who reached it, are also hidden. Unfortunately, such a truth. It is visible well in competitions, rankings or even statistics. A small spark is enough, in order to a fire broke out and the blogger to the blogger rushed to the throat. One victory, appreciating by the expert, good place in the ranking or above average recognizing by readers, or even scores in statistics and already in the seemingly delicate artist a mechanism of the irrepressible jealousy starts. This is beginning of sharpening claws, scrambles, spitting venom, hates and pretending oh oh ah, of this "more important victim" in order to in anger stigmatize somebody who takes the lead. Well, sad, but such situations are taking place. Amongst bloggers such wild beasts which are turning green out of jealousy for every smallest detail also exist and are sabotaging colleagues, as if forgot that everyone are playing in the same team. It's completely incomprehensible to me and sometimes I feel ashamed for persons acting the before described way enough that I'm starting being ashamed that I am a member of blogosphere. Instead of support and mutually motivate, they are making their life difficult coz of jealousy about someone's blog successes. It's a shame.

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