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 Here we go with the promised and so awaited by most of you Part I one of the real face of the famous Dubai airline. What you'll read in here is just the beginning, just the small flash of what "exciting" happened to me while flying there (and it's still not all coz if I was about to point all of them out it would take me a book, and the consequence of this adventure will be described in the final article...), so be ready for the next parts, general overview with the real stories of other crew and another dark corners of this theater. As I'm out of the never ending taboo bubble - Now, let's go! 

Just in case you need it to picture stuff better: before EK I had over 4 years of flying experience with renowned and huge international airlines & I saw a lot in the aviation industry, yet would never expect something like this.


Once upon a time, I believed Emirates Airline was the epitome of grace, elegance, and sophistication. I was enamored by the allure of its beautiful flight attendants, the red hats, the creamy uniforms, and the red lipstick that looked like the perfect cherry on top. Little did I know that behind this façade of glamour and luxury, lay a world of torment, bullying, and discrimination. 

In 2021, I received my second Golden Call from Emirates. I was overjoyed, my heart full of dreams, and my mind buzzing with excitement. I flew back to Dubai, eager to don the famous red hat and the creamy uniform once again. My wings fluttered in the highest skies, my soul full of magic and dreams. The pandemic had temporarily taken my red hat away, but it couldn't dampen my spirits. I had spent that time in Turkey, working as a VIP flight attendant on a private jet. That experience had made my wings stronger and given me a taste of what was possible in the world of a luxury secret aviation. 

Returning to Emirates was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter, a new adventure. I was eager to fly to countries I'd never been to before, to meet new people and experience new cultures. However, the beautiful dream soon turned into a living nightmare. The company that I had once admired showed its true colors, and they were far from the bright and vibrant hues I had imagined. 

The Emirates I returned to was a world of ruthless tyranny, where bullying and mobbing were the order of the day. The higher-ranked staff seemed to have an irrational hatred for anyone who dared to be different or independent. I was judged for my body, told that my breasts and buttocks were "too big" for the company's image. Everyday, different details of my appearance became a constant source of mockery and harassment. 

The bullying escalated to an extent where I dreaded going to work. The excitement and joy that once filled me at the thought of flying were replaced by fear and anxiety. The final straw was when I was physically abused by a fellow employee, and the company did nothing about it despite there being a witness. 

The stress and emotional trauma took a toll on my health. I developed insomnia, suffered from deep anxiety, and would wake up in the middle of the night crying and screaming. I experienced episodes of dizziness, fainting, shaking hands, and panic attacks. The neglect and indifference of the company led me to a hospital bed, unconscious with heart neurosis and cardiological problems. 

Regaining my health and confidence was a long and arduous journey. But I am glad to say that Emirates is now a part of my past. I would never go back, even if offered a fortune. My experience with Emirates almost cost me my physical and mental health (how much - you'll read later). I was and I am lucky to have a supportive partner, the love of my life, my now husband by my side who helped me through this dark period, as without him - it would be the real mission impossible.

I want to thank all the ex and current cabin crew of Emirates who had the courage to share their horrific stories despite the company's attempts to control their social media content. As you noticed I also disappeared from my blog soon after stepping into Emirates, not a coincidence, believe me. Your stories gave me the strength to speak up about the nightmare I lived through. You're not the only one. And now I see I was not too.


I hope my story serves as a cautionary tale for those who are considering a career with Emirates. It is with a heavy heart and a burdened soul that I share the truth behind those glamorous pictures and videos that flood social media. The smiling flight attendants, dressed in impeccable uniforms against the backdrop of luxurious cabins, are often nothing more than a facade, masking the harsh reality that lies behind the scenes. 

I saw my fellow crew break down, their dreams shattered, as they succumbed to the overwhelming stress. But I pressed on, determined to prove myself and succeed in this supposedly glamorous world. Now I know that if not my self-sabotaging ambition of being the best and a need of proving it, getting validated, I would fight for myself much earlier...

The reality of the job was far from what I had imagined. I felt like a mere puppet, trying to prove my worth to always mean and mocking "ladies". Behind closed doors, tears stained my pillow as exhaustion consumed me.

Social media, with its carefully curated posts and filtered images, painted a picture of a lifestyle filled with luxury and excitement. But the truth was far from it. The constant pressure to maintain an image of perfection, the fear of being judged and scrutinized, weighed heavily on many of my fellow cabin crew. The smiling flight attendants you see in those pictures are often just as broken and exhausted as I was.

I watched colleagues battle with depression, anxiety, and burnout. We were constantly reminded that our lives revolved around the airline, that our personal needs and desires were secondary to the demands of the job and basically meant less than zero for the EK association. Our mental health became collateral damage, casualties of the company that prioritized profit over people.

So, to those considering a career with Emirates I implore you to reflect deeply on your priorities and well-being. No job, no matter how prestigious or glamorous it may seem, is worth sacrificing your mental health and happiness. Remember that social media can be deceptive, and all that glitters isn't gold. Just a friendly reminder - all my uniform pictures were also always perfect with the bright smile just like I was the happiest person in the world... However at some point some of my followers noticed that despite the smile, it was visible on my face and in my eyes that something is very wrong.

Choose a career that nourishes your soul and allows you to thrive, rather than one that strips away your essence and leaves you empty. Seek out environments that prioritize work-life balance, mental well-being, and genuine care for their employees. Your worth is not defined by the uniform you wear or the number of miles you fly, but by your own happiness and fulfillment.

Yes, Emirates gives an opportunity to take millions of stunning pictures around the world to post on Instagram and make your friends jealous, but is it all worth it? I think you know the answer.

My time with Emirates taught me the importance of self-care and the fragility of our mental health. It was a heartbreaking journey that I would never wish upon anyone. So, let my story be a cautionary tale—a reminder that no dream job is worth sacrificing your well-being for. Choose wisely, and may you find a path that leads you to wholesome peace, not to broken pieces.

By the end of this post and at the beginning of the Expo collection, I need to honestly say that I somehow feel sorry for all the new joiners going to enter the company soon or just on their first days there, I somehow wish you good luck, somehow worry that you'll go through the same as me and your colleagues and definitely hope that this company airline doesn't make your beautiful eyes cry too much...

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