The less you know...

by - 10:34 PM

Have you already noticed this phenomenon, that people the less know, the bigger experts and omniscient consider themselves? More pitiful, or funny, here there is a question!
Ladies and gentlemen, which think that you know everything... Stop being a know-all, spreading rumours about someone's life, interfere in what isn't your business and to pry where you aren't wanted. It's below the level, really. Not better to take up yourselves, own existence, put hands into something beneficial and to contribute to something good, instead of playing the monitoring and the uncle Google, when you know nothing? Why are you playing experts, when your knowledge in the given subject is greatnesses of the baby in swaddle? Give some thought to yourselves and your actions, because you don't know much really, and you consider yourselves gods and at one time you might destroy somebody's the life.

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