Flight Attendant!

by - 11:39 PM


No, the title of this post is not a trick or trap.

There is something that I've been hiding for a long time... And concretely - YES, I AM A FLIGHT ATTENDANT!
For some time my life has been going on in the sky, and the countries where I live and where I stay change as if in a kaleidoscope. For those who follow me in social media it's nothing new, but for most of you it's probably quite a big surprise. I'm not wrong, right? 

Today's post officially initiates a series of articles about the Life and Work of Cabin Crew from the backstage, which will be regularly published on my blog, and you will find them in a newly created menu, what seems to me that will find many readers interested in the topic.

What can you expect?
Based on my own experience posts about the advantages and disadvantages of this profession, motivation on how to find power in yourself, requirements for cabin crew candidates, recruitment to various airlines, training course, exams, work, the lifestyle of the flight attendant and whether life in clouds can be accommodated with private life, relationship and family... And about many others.

Interested? You wonder why I kept it in secret for so long? I invite you to read more articles from the Flight Attendant series, because I haven't written anything about myself yet, and the best is yet to come!

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