The sun and the moon.

by - 8:17 PM

The present day, the 21st century, the civilization progress, but some things and petty sins of the human nature are never changing, are simply timeless. Why?
Many people are comparing their life to the others life. Most often the one, which has bad time, is glowering with jealous eye at the one which is swimming in honey, because of what his self-esteem is drastically gliding into the bottom, at breakneck speed, until at last is crashing of the rocky bottom. However sometimes happens, that the person, for which the path is strewn with roses, is putting on airs and graces above the man which is barefooted treading on the broken glass, and her ego is starting to gradually exceed the Himalaya, step by step becoming a narcissist of the century.
One are looking with grief at achievements of other, next with the superiority are giggling above the lost other. Spiral is still drumming up, tension is mounting, to the moment, when something cracks and effects are bewailed. Irritation, pain, jealousy, the envy, sorrow and the bitterness. Everything because it's not this time yet. Fact that this moment the situation in life of the given man isn't best, doesn't mean that he is worse, hopeless, and his condition will never improve. The same matters are, about "peacocks" proudly parading around, which look down on the underdogs and consider themselves deities. For everyone the own time for shining will come. Every man will receive his chance in other field. But whether he will catch it, or will miss it, it's completely other matter...
It's like to compare the sun and the moon. There is no comparison between them. Both are beautiful and each is shining when its time. The same is with the human life. Everything will come with time. All we have to do is to have opened eyes and to use chances a fate is giving to us.

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