Too young for wisdom.

by - 8:41 PM

Shut up! You are too young, to know anything! How dare you to talk about feelings at your age, to speak your mind about the life?! Hold your tongue, kid!

Familiar, right? Or maybe you also think, that young person, is a stupid person which doesn't have right for own opinion and you turn to other the way described before?
Treating young people as worse ones is an inconceivable insolence. As the ones which should say nothing about life, feelings, experience. As the ones which know nothing... The sad truth is so, that many regard persons younger than themselves as stupid geese which have empty mind, lived nothing, experienced nothing, don't have feelings, are too young to the wisdom and generally - are a nobody. When I can see and I can hear something like that, it makes my blood boil and without hesitation I tell to such characters, what I think about them. Omitting the entire ocean of different personalities, you shouldn't throw everyone into one sack. Really you think, that young = stupid? What will you say knowing, that more than one teenager, young man, which just becoming an adult, went in his life through far more, has a far more bigger accumulated experience and heart full of different kind of feelings, of which some persons 40+ don't even know. There are young, which have talent, about which older can only dream. There are people which in spite of a young age went through so lot, that thirty-year-olds are like kids in comparison to them. And you say that they shouldn't give their opinion, because are too young and stupid in order to know anything, you are unfair lout. However the worst is the fact that this way act even youth towards young, year, two years younger than themselves. Sad, but real. If you belong to the group which is assessing because of age, think about it sometimes, how would you feel, if you were somebody who went through a lot of difficult and complicated experiences, if you had a great talent, or experienced worst or most beautiful feelings of the world, and other person would look down on you saying that you are too young to be clever and have the right to speak your mind. Would you feel nice?

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