Tattoo artist?!

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Could it be? Yes, indeed! Your favorite sky surfer is both a flight attendant and a tattoo artist! It's like mixing strawberries and pickles: odd, but surprisingly delightful. Let's embark on a whimsical tour of my somewhat peculiar career, shall we?

From my earliest memories, art was my first love. My childhood days were spent in a world of color and imagination, my hands restlessly sketching and painting every whimsical thought that fluttered into my mind. This love for art wasn't merely a pastime, it was the foundation of my dreams and an integral part of my identity.

Fast forward a few years and picture this: me, mesmerized in a tattoo studio, watching a dear friend as she masterfully inked vibrant stories onto human canvases. I was captivated by the colors, the intricate designs, and the stories that seemed to come alive with each new tattoo. It was like peeking through a keyhole into a fascinating new universe.

Inspired by this revelation, I began to play with tattoo designs of my own. An innocuous pen, a blank paper, and a mind full of inspiration were all I needed to start sketching my own renditions of the tattoo art that adorned my friend's studio. When she saw my designs, she was pleasantly surprised and, in a twist of fate, encouraged me to try my hand at tattooing fake skin.

Intrigued and eager, I jumped feet-first into this uncharted territory. Bit by bit, I explored the vast world of tattooing, learning about the tools, techniques, and safety measures, and diving headlong into various tattoo styles. It was like opening a treasure chest of art, and I was eager to discover every gem.

Over the past year, my journey as a tattoo artist has been nothing short of incredible. Every free moment I get, I find myself sketching new designs or working with clients who wish to wear my art forever. It's a deeply humbling experience to be part of their personal journeys of self-expression.

So, where does the flight attendant part come into play, you ask? Well, my other love is the thrill of adventure and the joy of new experiences. As a flight attendant, I get to meet diverse people, immerse myself in different cultures, and simply live out my love for travel.

Juggling these two exciting roles is like spinning plates, requiring a delicate balance of time, energy, and passion. When I'm not flying high among the clouds, I'm down on the ground, lost in the world of tattoos, creating new designs during layovers or scheduling tattoo sessions on my days off.

Being a tattooist-slash-flight attendant is like walking a tightrope sometimes, but the thrill and the joy are worth every step. I get to meet amazing people, hear their stories, and leave a lasting imprint on their lives through my art. There's something magical about being able to paint my spirit on someone else's skin.

Now, I know what you're thinking as you look at my pictures. Are you wondering if I'm a good girl without tattoos, or if my body is actually full of meaningful inked stories? Or maybe Photoshop is my best friend!? Yes, yes, tattoos are often treated like the biggest sin for a high-ranking flight attendant, but who said that even the best stewardess doesn't hide some secrets?

So, do I have tattoos or do I just put them on other people? Let's keep it a forever mystery, my lovely teddy bears. After all, a little intrigue never hurt anyone, right? Just imagine the conversations that would spark if passengers caught a glimpse of a hidden tattoo peeking out from beneath my uniform. The sky would be buzzing with curiosity and wonder!

Perhaps my fellow flight attendants will start a game of "spot the secret tattoo" during long-haul flights. Who knows, maybe we'll even create a secret club where we compare our hidden artworks. It could be like an exclusive society, accessible only to those soaring through the clouds, with inked tales waiting to be discovered.

But for now, let's keep the tattoos a tantalizing secret, floating in the air like the wisps of a dream. After all, every good artist loves to keep their audience guessing. So, the next time you're on a flight and you happen to see a flight attendant with a mischievous smile, know that beneath that crisp uniform, there might just be a hidden masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

So buckle up, my fellow adventurers, and let the mysteries of the friendly skies and tattooed tales take you to new heights. And remember, in this vast world of endless possibilities, sometimes the most unexpected things can be found in the most unlikely places. Until we meet again, happy flying and keep those imaginations spreading wings!

Kiss Kiss Muah 🤪

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