Best wishes.

by - 2:26 PM

People are giving their best wishes for various occasions and reasons. Often even for persons who they don't know, blindly or for somebody, whom can see the for the first time in their life.
They wish the ones who they love, like, respect, but often also for their, declared or concealed enemies. In words or in writing, bouquets of more or less of extended wishes are created. Celebrations, birthdays, name days and many other occasions.
However... Are these wishes honest? Whether it is an ordinary show, a few words said without the lowest meaning, only to be and all done?
Unfortunately, at present there is less and less of the ones real, honest, and more and more pointless, conventional jigsaws, recited from the memory, sending to people in mass, often even without paying attention to whom concretely. Or into eyes, thrown without the thought, meaning nothing, or simply contrary to real feelings.
And for what? What's the sense of empty wishes which are thrown to the wind, what is the sense of wishing everything what best, happiness and dreams come true for the biggest enemy, when privately we hate this person, most often with the reciprocity? For what to do something so important and personal artificially and for effect?
Don't lie to yourself, or the person, which you say that. Don't say "everything the best", when you think "everything the worst". Don't write "much health", when in thoughts you are cursing "and if only goddamn hit you". If you are supposed to give fake wishes, better don't do this at all. It isn't worthwhile. With such a fact no one will feel well, neither you, nor the addressee. This person will sense your bad intentions and will feel unpleasantly. Therefore better at various occasions dedicate more time on neat, honest and heart-to-heart wishes for people which you like, love, respect and you really want them to live the best life.

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