And who will stay with you?

by - 8:32 PM

In the speed of life rarely there is a time to devote the time for analysis of relations with other people. We live quickly, we are hard-pressed, busy, solving hundreds of problems per day. Every couple of minutes something, small oblivion, and it's possible to lose head. With word - mishmash. However no matter what, sometimes it's worthwhile to stop for a moment and think a few matters over, just think. We are encountering different persons. One we like, other no, and other are totally neutral for us, as if they didn't exist. Also there are people which we meet accidentally and for some reason are becoming important, there's a thread of understanding, we are starting to think that we are dealing with the credible man, on which it's possible to build the stronghold. Some other time we know somebody since childhood, perhaps even from birth, for years we are supporting this person and we live in the belief we can count on the same from her side. Colleagues, friends, family. They say that you can count on them, that they will support you, that they won't leave... They need you. Exactly. They say that you can count on them. They say that you are needed for them. And are you? Everyone can file such declarations, however only the time is able to verify it and to show the truth. Sometimes it's worthwhile devoting the moment for thinking, who actually cares about you. Who really will be with you, when you are in need, when you are celebrating most successes and in the moment, when nothing special happens. Who will stay with you.
The life is ruling with own rights. Now you have an acquaintance, and even you think that you have a friend. Wait a moment. Achieve any success, find love, come into the happy relationship. Ha, even better - wait, until this person's life improves or just the opposite, the standard of her life will fall below the level of her expectations. If in spite of all problems and the inconvenience she stays with you, you are lucky, man. However if suddenly, for unexplained reasons this person disappears from your life without any word, and you don't know what happened, the answer is clear - you are even bigger lucky devil, because you found the truth about the man which wasn't worth your time and sacrifices. Brutal, but real.      What you think, how many persons really need you and will stay with you till the end? Are you sure that people existing in your life are the right ones? If you don't know what you are standing on, maybe it's a time to stop for a moment and think everything over neatly. However whatever is your answer, I wish you good luck.          

 After all, most important in the life is to have this one person which you love and which loves you. To be happy with her/him and for her/him. Every day to smile for her and thanks to her. And finally to fight and to be lucky for self, waking up and falling asleep with smile.

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