Be yourself!

by - 9:37 PM

It is such a difficult task. From one side hate, from the other side hate... For one doesn't suit it, for second that... One will offend for this, another for that. Always something doesn't suit somebody. Do you know it? Omnipresent pressure of meeting someone's requirements. Criteria which it's necessary to fulfill, in order to be somebody. And how to adapt? The answer is simple - not to adapt! Man, you aren't an entry in the crossword, you don't have to suit everyone!
For ones which get by and despite everything are themselves - congratulations. Really. Keeping the self-worth, dignity and character, in spite of all pressures of environment - this is something! I know about myself, from my life, how large challenge it is. When I was younger, I had a considerable problem with it, that is - I have always wanted to be liked by everyone around, without exception. With such a thinking quickly I started losing myself. As far as in the end I awoke, I thought "Hey! Stop debasing yourself! You aren't a chocolate, not everyone has to like you!" And it finished like this. From that moment I am a strong person, strong woman which values and respects herself. I care about my character, it's power and progress. I don't let other people change whom I really am and how I feel. I am myself, no matter what. I get by! I know myself and I know my value. Even if everyone hate me, nothing with it, won't achieve anything, because I know what I can afford and I like who I am. But first of all - I'm fighting about mine, and opinions outsiders... Huh, good joke 
You also can reach it. You also can be a strong and independent man. Just don't give up, but first of all don't let pressures of environment change whom you really are. Be yourself!

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