Little gift.

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Did you anytime think, what kind of feelings in the other man evoke giving him even the smallest gift?
Nowadays it's extremely hard to make somebody the successful gift. When some rare opportunity will approach, to give something to somebody, or just, we want to please a given person, a thought "But what?" often gives a headache. Choice is so huge that setting the option of the purchase of the gift, we don't know for what to decide on to hit on the taste of the other man. Or if we decided to make it by ourselves, we are tearing hair out, whether someone will like it, or maybe won't be successful and mutual disappointment will meet us. Many times this troublesome thought is killing the entire pleasure of preparing the happy surprise. It is understandable, because after all we care to make a good choice, but still... Gift given heart-to-heart, overfilled with the warmth and the frankness, doesn't have at all to be large, expensive and sumptuous so that fills up with limitless joy and happiness. It can be tiny and modest, yet will be excellent, because the other person's feeling which she put into preparing it, is this true gift, pleasing the most.
Receiving my last gift I burst out crying as the small child. It was a small gift, but so touching that tears flowed into my eyes and were not to stop. It's real example, that in spite of getting large gifts most often, this smallest managed to make me crying of happiness.
Therefore remember, if you want to please somebody, to give him something what will evoke the sincere smile on his face, just put yourself into it and as much as possible of your heart. Then irrespective of the size of the gift, it will mean a lot and will certainly fill the addressee up with joy.

Forgive me this Christmas photo, but only it fits the topic of this post and is enough mysterious

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