∞ Infinity ∞

by - 5:34 PM

It comes across a lot of obstacles on its way. Many times it's being exposed to huge and supernaturally difficult attempts. It forbears conspiracies and intrigues of others. But true, pure and this only one - will survive everything. Accident? Destiny? As you like. Any names. As for me - accidents don't exist. And at least already a long time ago stopped to exist. Destiny... Also good - I didn't believe in this. Chemistry? Maybe. Act of God? Good joke. So... What?

Something unusual. Awesome. Magic. The infinity of one moment and of eternity. Love.
Since when I remember, I didn't believe in destiny. Since when I exist, I was sceptical. With word - man of small faith. And finally stop. Something changed. I believed. What's more, I personally find it out. At some point the fate showed me, that there are no limits of place, time, space, and already and all the more - of feelings. Limits don't exist. But magic of the destiny - of course.
However the biggest treasure, miracle and power is a true love of two people which believe and feel that they are everything for each other, and what connected them is something unusual, imperishable, amazing and unique.

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