Resolutions time.

by - 6:53 PM

We got it! The new year is coming very fast. Time of new decisions, spinning new agendas and one of the greatest tests of the own will power. With each passing day of the end of the old year more and more big list of New Year promises made to oneself is arising in mind. How the truth will be? Sweet or painful? Whether the strength of our will will puncture the wall and will give us the full of satisfaction from achieving wanted goals, or just the opposite, in its weakness will give us disappointment? Will we persevere in what we promised to ourselves?
Me, personally, saying goodbye to this year I chose the modesty and the prudence in the selection of my wishes to fulfill which I set myself. I said goodbye to the million of trifles, and said hello to a few, but solid resolutions, to which I will make every effort to achieve and to carry it out in one hundred per cent. Will I get it? We will see. I hope, that yes and I count on it, that the new, next year will give me plenty of profits, happinesses and pleasures, but first of all reinforcements. Who knows, what will happen... I feel that it will be something excellent, that a few hundred new days which soon will become reality will bring thousands of wonderful moments to my life.
And how about you? How does your list look like...? Already ready, or maybe you didn't still think about it, or generally speaking you don't care about preparing New Year's resolutions and don't do this? Whatever is your attitude, I wish you much happiness and the perseverance! 

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