Above all.

by - 11:47 PM

Sometimes it's difficult. Sometimes really difficult But hey. After all nobody never said it will be easy. Nobody made such promise. A life isn't sugar cotton, but the constant fight for survival, happiness and surviving. One time ascents, one time falls. Such course of things, absolute springboard, roller coaster. But even and to be in a centre of the biggest mess, it's necessary to have in oneself this something, not to give up, to remember these happiest moments in the life and to fight with all strength to make them as often as possible and as more as possible. There are also other people affecting what happens around, which many times are toxic, because unfortunately a lot it's also impossible to avoid. Appear so which want to mess up, which are causing havoc, bad atmosphere, but one is forbidden - to let such characters influence to us, to our personality, plans, self-esteem, especially a self-esteem! And it is the most important, most difficult ability and quite a challenge. It's impossible to predict the life, is never fully certain and known what will happen. But if something bad happens, one large mill which isn't possible in any way to understand, it's always necessary to stay strong, to believe in self, to remember about it, what most beautiful, to aspire to the better and to be above all else. It's never worthwhile letting to be provoked, to lose power, but first of all it's forbidden to doubt in self and in the better future. Because the future and the self-confidence, these are two huge investments. There's just smile needed, to remind about what and whom you care the most, and world already looks better.

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