How everything was in 2017?

by - 7:06 PM

Time to sum up the last twelve months which are walking away into the shadow and will never again come back. Will you miss them? Or maybe you are glad that it's gone? How did this year pass for you? Was it excellent for you, or you aren't pleased with it? You regard it as one of better years in your life, or not necessarily? Will you remember well that 2017 which is just becoming history? Did you already do the examination of conscience with a slight tongue in cheek so that in the jollity say goodbye to the past, and say hello to the future? 
I devoted a few last days to reflection concerning events which took place in my life this year. From one side I could call it one of best in my life, on the other... As one of the most difficult. Ones of the most beautiful changes about which I will never forget took place and which will always evoke the smile on my face, but also some things happened which I'd prefer to wipe out from my memory forever. With pride and joy I can also admit that I managed in one hundred per cent to fulfill some (and most important) from my New Year's resolutions which I set myself standing up on the threshold of 2017 to which we are just saying goodbye. In spite of bitter moments and some problems, I was happy. Really happy. It was the year, which I officially became adult, but first of all there were twelve months, during which in my life the biggest changes and turning points took place. I took also a lot of valuable lessons which definitely will be useful to me in the future. However the biggest happiness and treasure of life is to be a loving and loved person. 
And now... With mind full of new ideas and motivation, courageously and definitely I'm waiting for coming the midnight of new, the 2018. I wish this year would be beautiful and fruitful time both in the private, as well as blogging sphere.

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