Motto - small great spark.

by - 9:00 PM

For one stupid inscription, connection of words, nonsensical thoughts, however for other it can be one or few words which give the everyday dose of power, motivate for action and remind that I am someone. I can something. I can a lot. I can act. I can fulfil the dream and catch happiness. I can and I am. I am and I can. Somebody can not believe that such a jigsaw of words can mean something, can give something, but such a small mere trifle really is able much. Myself I have my personal motto which is the light at the end of the tunnel for me, when I'm falling down, when I'm losing the faith, when my power for action is starting spilling into dust. Normal, one, small, straight word which for the strangers is empty and worthless - for me is a spark and a power with the great importance. Like nothing, but gives so a lot, like no one else could expect. One word which in dark moments reminds me who I am and how I really am. It's reminding me about me. It is me. With this one slogan I'm going through life already for a few long years and I feel well with it. Motto is something what gives great power and a lot of benefits, and most importantly - helps to be myself. It uplifted me, justified my values, my means, repeatedly it saved me from the comeback of the older, previous version of me , and affected the progress of the current awareness. I recommend for everyone, really. Such a small spark, and is shining so brightly.

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