Just a little magic...

by - 8:05 PM

Magic. Do you believe in it? Looking for this, what magical? Are you going it deep into this, what mystical? Whether you are completely without the faith and you don't believe in existence of this secret particle? You need the magic? No? So I will give the secret away for you: everyone needs it. There is no man in the world which wouldn't like to feel in life at least a bit magically, exceptionally as never before. There is no person which wouldn't like to experience something unusual, breathtaking, worth to remember and exciting till death. There are people which believe in horoscopes, dream books, predictions, in the belief that it will enchant them and something incredible will happen, that rituals have this special meaning. But the truth is that in self everyone has a magic. It's everything what we believe, what nobody else has. Our thoughts and feelings have a power, not witchcraft, elixirs and spells. Real magic all we have in ourselves, it is what is hidden in the mind. It's what pulses in heart, as blood in our veins.

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