Hey you!

by - 6:26 PM

Dear man, each of us has his/her own life, joys, problems and you too, so very much please you, remember about it. Pay attention on your family and friends, devote more time to them, talk to them, make them feel that they are important for you. By them your life makes sense, you can always rely on them, rather than on person completely alien to you, above which you're just touched, he/she won't help, most probably even doesn't know that by his/her you are rejecting persons, on which it should depend for you the most... They need you, and you even don't notice them, cause you're busy hard-luck story above somebody else. Do you know how it's wounding? How does it ache? If this way you are acting or ever did, empathize with this situation, imagine, how would you feel, if rejected you for somebody completely STRANGE (!)? If would ignore you? Imagine, that in the same situation like this  'intruder' relatively recently were you and nobody were touched it, YOU (!) didn't take over, nobody cried, didn't comfort... And what? How are you feeling? Pleasantly? Somebody whom you don't appreciate so just feel, you are knock off to the background, you hurt. You have your life, family and friends, appreciate it. With such behaviour you can poison your relations forever and never again regain them. Live your own life, rather than someone's.

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