Unfair numbers.

by - 8:00 PM

What for you is the age? Ordinary number, whether however something more? You consider yourself somebody better, cleverer, more important only cause you are elder than some of your acquaintances? Do you belong to the circle of big-heads, for which the date of birth is a ticket to the power? Or you think, that it's nothing meaning set of digits? Worst what can be, it's imitating the alpha and omega, even towards the person which is the month younger, but is called, that the year. Entire year! Oh! Can feel how it isn't known who! You are younger - you are worse! God, how I don't like such people... They think that are everything 'best' and at all only superlatives, and actually they differ in nothing, and that's not seldom are stupider and less mature than the ones in their belief 'kids'. What a... -.-
You know it, right? :)

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