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You know what? One thing is puzzling me: if universally is saying that a laughter is health, everything good, expression of the interpersonal sympathy and the like why this way many persons think about often smiling people, laughing as a somebody mysterious, suspected who all the time is combining something, isn't known what he/she means, as a somebody unpredictable, or what at all absurd 'abnormal'. With this time I personally think that they have a problem with themselves, the ones to which the smile is posing a threat, rather than the ones which are laughing. In the end if somebody feels endangered in the presence of the smiling man, it's probably something isn't ok. Such a person must have considerable disorders of self-esteem, ha, even personalities, isn't known what great complexes, if feels fear of someone's joy. So far I thought that it was an amiable gesture which will move people close, but looks like it, that in some is arousing great fear. Strange matter, don't you think? To be afraid of a smile. It's interesting, it's interesting, I won't say. And don't think that I'm writing out nonsenses here, cause I know what I'm writing. I also belong to the circle of 'Forever Smile' and I personallied find out, that such timid freaks really exist. Apart from that, if somebody of you has similar character, most probably more than once met with stuffed shirts. However fascinating creatures people are. Somebody who's diverging from the norm will always find. Somebody will always break down, or else will make laugh. Endless source of the inspiration. Therefore I love to observe them.

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