The everyday life, that is the falsehood is brimming over.

by - 1:01 AM

For whom just for once didn't happen to meet people on his/her road as dripping with the falsehood which, what's worse imitated friends, so that win the confidence, and then in the bad, deceitful way use it? Everybody, right? Yeah, exactly, the facts speak for themselves... This devious 'energy vampires' are everywhere, starting from the man for the first time met on the street, by partners, until friends, family... It's impossible to avoid them. We are under the impression that near us is somebody close, on whom we can rely, who will always help us, we believe, we trust... Up to the moment, when at one point the charm is breaking, masks are falling and real faces of our 'angels' are coming to light...The least of  worries, when in good time we felt, that something doesn't play, something's wrong and we detected the friend-enemy before could solidly mixed our life, worse if it's already too late and such a social bastard achieved her purpose toy with his/her victim like with the marionette... Alone I convinced a whole lot of times on my own skin, how much malicious, devious and false people are able to be. I'm sorry to state it, but for a few last years the step into the step followed me my enemy, man (and more, not one) which so far I treated almost how the friend oneself with somebody whom actually generally I didn't know. How is it possible to look straight into someone eyes and non-stop to imitate somebody whom they aren't? Oh, yeah... Right... They weren't able to looking into my eyes... What can sound funny, through the entire time when I was near/around this person (of persons) I was under the impression that some internal voice warn me from it (of them) that it's not good for me. Now I know. It was intuition. The intuition, which I should listened, but I didn't do it, because it seemed worth the laugh for me. Perhaps if I believed, it would be differently now.
Facts came to light, about which existence I hadn't a clue, but the damage, it's possible that then my life would looks like totally different than like now. One I know, principle limited (or rather minimal, if not zero) towards people is still in force. At least thanks to that they aren't able to harm me so much, how they would wish. So that hopefully.
Unfortunately uncover the polluter in the trusted man always aches, and still, when next such a person will appear before us, then again we'll be enough naive, to allow him/her enter to our life... Supposedly so clever, and yet so stupid...

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