At beginning... Something about me.

by - 8:14 PM

So my darling (future) readers, welcome you warmly very much on my new blog :)
My name is Magdalene. I'm ordinary 16 years-old girl with great dreams and ambitions, living in grey world of the everyday life and ceaseless adversities with which I'm willingly to fight, to at one time I'll manage to reach at the longed-for target and to achieve the dream success.
Hmm... What else... I won't write here about nonsenses interests, hobbies of the type of the musician, sport, dance, because It's so banal... After all the majority part of people around us likes it... and my most important interest is... Man. Medical studies and the medical profession are my priorities... But at the moment I still have the of high school full of adventures, science and new friendships. I hope that everything will be fine :)

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