This is the end.

by - 11:21 PM

Why some people aren't able to understand, that everything what's ever started, must at one time be end? Aren't they able to understand, that some stage will never come back? That it's already the end?
So this way understand man, I ask you very much, that if I'm not calling, not writing, not answering for messages, not answering the phone, I'm ignoring, I'm dissociating myself, means that I DON'T WANNA BE IN CONTACT WITH YOU!!! Stop deluding yourself that it will change, txt that you missing me, by force to try to bring closer, cause in this way you only more discourage me to you. Stop it. What was, passed. You won't turn back the time. And don't think, what you did badly, because it's unimportant. Everything is finished. Forget. This is the end.

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