Always HOT GOSSIP, that's pregnant teens.

by - 4:14 PM

Perhaps it's strange, but I'm writing this post, because incredible irritate me people, which eternally 'smeare' teenage mothers.
You know nothing about their life, dreams, problems, but you are already chatting. For the majority of society the pregnant teenager = floozie, bitch, whore, slut. And perhaps this girl had reasons, to in so young age decide on the child? Perhaps she's seriously ill, perhaps time, each month, year are working to her disadvantage? Maybe her medical condition is so bad that she won't be able to give birth in the future? Didn't you think about it? Yeah, just. No, cause for what?! Better gossip, offend, hurt, not knowing someone's situation, and most often and this person. If the 30 years old alcoholic, the weedhead or the prostitute will become pregnant, there will be silence, because she's adult (?!)! This can! What for this, that maybe she won't be able to neatly raise a child, maybe even she will kill it, will throw away from the window, or else will leave in the dustbin. After all she is adult! Unimportant that often the teenager is maturer mum than not one woman after the thirty. Important in order to have a subject, to have whom to oppress and of whom to talk over. I'm not writing here about irresponsible parasites which will get the baby to world, and deny of it, prey on their parents, doing 24-hour nannies from them and having fun for their money, cause it's waste of words, but there are girls, for which the baby is an entire world, in spite of this they finish school, are studying on best universities and are leading worth life. Where from you know how mother will be this pregnant 16, 17, 18 year old girl, which you regard as pathology?
Anyway for our loved society a pregnant teenager, and then teenage mother will always be worst, however boy, which this child "made", for instance in the age of 14 year old, will always be "clean". 

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