Loneliness in the crowd.

by - 8:08 PM

The bigger section of society lives in the belief, that being in surrounding plenty of people it isn't possible to feel alone. And a problem lies in it. You think that there's nobody which in spite of the numerous company aren't feeling fine, but unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, I must put you right, because are, and everything through the fact that in this damn world almost don't exist normal people which man can trust, with which can talk, with which can feel safe, which don't  judge not knowing, only by the appearance, instead are trying to understand the second person. Less and less are the ones (if they generally exist) which are sincere, opened, aren't afraid to say directly what they think, aren't talking over behind the back, imitating best friends... So then how to believe in the friendship, if all around somebody can lurk, who will hurt so much, that even the time won't be able to cure of wound? It's worst, that nowadays (I don't know how it was in the past, but I suspect, that however not like now) acceptation is a miracle (!), after all the appearance is most important! The one too low, the one too high, this ginger, this too fat, this ugly, this anorexic, this with tunnels, this with apparatus on teeth, has a straight hair, instead of curly, blue eyes instead of brown and isn't dressed like you... Oh no! Mortal sin! Inexcusable! They look like not this way, how you want it! They aren't interested in this what you are, have a different character, values, they are only children or have 6 siblings, practise other religion, or are atheists... And what with this?! They have every right to it, and for you nothing to it! But no! It's necessary to persecute, to oppress to the end of life! Stop it people, please. It's not cool, not clever, not nice and you won't impress decent man with such behavior. It only proves about your 'the highest' level of the propriety and class. The such behaviour is pitiful. Indeed, exist freedom of speech, but if you gonna hurt somebody, better bite your tongue, everyone will live better.
How then to believe people, feel safe with them, not to yield to the solitude, if above the described situation is omnipresent? How? Still something in you doesn't suit somebody, still this bad, this worse, better not to hang about with him, because it's a cock-up... Too stupid... Lack of the faith, support... Nobody believes that you're able, that you will manage... A superficiality is the most important. A good friend will set half world against you, and the best friend will stick you a stab in the back...
Standard and remarkably familiar image of world...

However my dear 'friends' don't worry, that's all at one time will come back to you.

At one time we will meet, I promise... We'll see which will be clever. Which self-confident. We will have fun together. I'm curious if at this moment you'll be able to say me straight  into my face what you think about me, baby... 

 Because life is like a boomerang, everything what you are throwing into world at one time will come back to you. Remember about it and be careful. Now your turn. 

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