Don't ask me about pregnancy!

by - 12:24 AM

Because in the recent time a whole lot of questions about pregnancy is coming to my profile on If I am, I was, I'm planning, whether I have a baby atl. etc. The reply reads as follows: NO, I NEVER WAS AND I'M NOT PREGNANT!
People... Don't you think, that in the age of 16 years old it's so a bit too early to children? It's so a bit not right? Maybe there are still girls which aren't let themselves go with first-better guy in this world? Perhaps somebody still cares about the opinion? On their own better future? Cause this way reading these questions, I don't know if seriously or to the joke, I'm under the impression that nowadays a statement that nobody has self-respect, especially teenagers. I'll probably disappoint you, but I most clearly don't belong to this your majority. I know my value and I value it. This way so very much politely I ask you, don't ask me about it anymore.
And on the margin... Congratulations for everyone, who hasn't education, the stabilization and the possibility of providing the good existence for the tiny creature, imported it to world. Applause intelligence.


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