There's a country...

by - 11:41 AM

My home, my heart, my soul... My place, my space. A place that lives in me, even though I don't live in it...

 There is a country, quite small, but beloved. With a hundred islands and islets, magic, climate and soul that you can't find anywhere else. A country that I love, which I don't forget and miss. Joyful, warm, full of history, good food and beautiful nature. A country that lives in me, even though I don't live in it. A place where I want to go back no matter what, because without it I don't feel like myself, I still miss something.
A home I was separated with by aviation and catching dreams and the great world. A land that beats in my heart even though I'm on the other side of the world and the thought of returning there gives me hope when I feel bad. 
A place where longing brings me to tears every time I watch photos or even Hollywood movies recorded there. A piece of the world that's a piece of me. A corner that had a huge impact on shaping me as a human, where I want to return and build a new life. 

Can you guess what country it is?

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