Crew, respect!

by - 11:36 AM

The job of cabin crew is for many a dream come true, a profession valued, respected, in the eyes of many extremely prestigious and not really available for everyone, however, encountering some "brilliant" comments of airline employees about (omg) themselves... 

"I'd rather be a waitress in the air than on the ground" 

"We are only suitable for cleaning trash in the cabin" 

"We are here just to smell and look beautiful" 

...As someone from out of industry, you can change your mind quickly. And surely not for the better. 

It's just a drop in the ocean of great crew members' reflections and no, no kidding. And later, dear stewardesses and stewards cry and lament that the passengers don't respect you, that they don't treat you seriously... Listening to this from your lips or reading such nonsense from your side on Internet forums and groups, it doesn't surprise me at all, because after all, who would respect someone who doesn't respect themselves? Who would respect the work of a person who mocks their work? Someone something? I don't think so. 
Me, as a flight attendant, who, despite full awareness of not only the advantages but also disadvantages of this job, is completely satisfied with it, just wonder why screaming to all the world how much bad this work is, hopeless, doesn't require any skills and harms human dignity, are you still working in this profession? If it's so bad for you, why don't you just change your job to one that will make your dreams come true and not ground your ambitions, that you won't have to complain about at every opportunity? 
All those who act this way not only spoil their image (but if they like it, who cares), but also in the eyes of ground people and who don't know the reality of the industry, they destroy the respect and good name of their colleagues. And insofar as you can blame your own, then before you put a bad light on your colleagues, you should think a bit about your behavior and attitude, because thanks to such people, people from the "ordinary world" still like sponges absorb the senselessly reproduced stereotypes that only a beautiful appearance and nothing else counts among flight attendants. 
It's sad to see how some people aim for a black hole instead of playing for one goal with their team. 

Respect yourself and others will respect you as well. 

Fortunately, the majority of cabin crew value their work, respect themselves and their colleagues, and instead of talking around total bullshit, they enjoy what they have, because they know how much effort and dedication this really is. And praise them for that.

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