Blue Monday

by - 2:47 PM

A few days ago, on Monday, January 20th, we were celebrating Blue Monday - reportedly the most depressive day of the year. 

Hm... For sure? 
The use of the words "we celebrated" is definitely is much too much from me, because personally... I don't know anyone who would care. And most likely nobody cared. 
Nobody but journalists, influencers and others who wanted to cause a media storm, confusion and interest, and maybe even... Compassion? Of course, advertising agencies have also benefited. 
After all, Blue Monday is a day of depressive mood, officially the day when everyone, according to the assumptions of the creator of this theory should feel bad, sluggish, sad and in general, just jump under the blanket and cry. 
However, not to mention the official recognition of this term by pseudoscience and my own well-being, but even reading a whole lot of comments, I could easily come to the conclusion that all this Blue Monday is another excuse to cause confusion in the internet, mess among web users and make people feel that on this day they should feel specific, as the theory of the depressive day indicates... And yet, also by deducing from the responses of numerous posts and articles, hardly anyone felt this way. Surprised? Because I'm not, at all. 
Last Monday was a day like any other and if I were to sum it up from my personal experience - my mental health was alright and even better than alright and I haven't felt such lightness for a long time. 
In the end, regardless of what kind of new hits come up from the internet, what is printed by the press, their persuasion is not so large (and fortunately!) To have a negative impact on the human body and its functioning. It's only a bit sad to see how instead of positive actions aimed at boosting good humor, strange news is increasingly flowing in social media, just to evoke negative feelings.

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