One Step Back

by - 4:09 AM

 New year, new stage, new card... And what happened in the one that came to an end just a few days ago? Was it more black or white? 

Done. A dozen of clock beats at midnight and so 2019 became a history. The history, which was extremely positive for me, full of great feelings, successes and wonderful memories. So what happened? 
Last year was a really successful year for me. I was doing well, I couldn't complain about my health and although sometimes it wasn't easy, in the end everything went as I wanted, just as it turned out for good. 
Many of my dreams came true, I achieved many goals that seemed so difficult to me that fulfilling them in even the next few years seemed unreal, I was able to achieve what I assumed to get when I'm around thirty years old. I gained a lot of experience and won myself in many new fields doing what I would never have imagined. To be honest, I didn't think I could do such a thing, especially that it would go so well. 
I lived in two countries where I never thought I would spend more than a week or two on a trip or vacation, which enriched my life enormously. I met people who completely changed my view on a lot of things, and most importantly, they opened my eyes to so many things that I didn't notice, underestimated or didn't even realize their existence. 
For the first time in my life I visited a lot of new countries, exploring half the world, which exceeded my wildest expectations I have ever had. Of course, there were also sentimental returns to favorite places. 
Unexpectedly, I achieved a success I never believed in. Which I didn't believe was within my reach, that I could afford it. Because I didn't believe in my abilities, and finally life showed me that I was much more than what my imagination sees. And what's the most important - in 2019, I was able to build confidence and well-being that I never had. I began to value myself like never before in my life. I managed to break weakness, fear and get rid of my lack of self-confidence, and thus regained peace of mind and gained great happiness. 

To sum up - The year that has passed recently was for me a year of wonderful experiences, transformations, discoveries and fulfillment, and above all the discovery of myself, a new self, a better self, a person who knows her value and won't let anyone destroy it. 

And how was your year? 

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