Baby Time.

by - 11:31 PM

A baby. One of the biggest, if not the greatest gift the man can get from the fate. Miracle of the new life. Particle of oneself in the new being which arrives to world.
Great, indestructible, absolute and unconditional love from the conception, to the end of life, which isn't possible to compare to anything else.
Some people feel ready for the parenthood in the age of eighteen, other being thirty years old, there are so, which grow up to the role of the parent in their forties, but... Unfortunately there are also persons that never mature to this responsibility and aren't able to take this exceptional decision (at least not consciously).
However what is responsible for such a state of affairs? Environment? Upbringing? Life experiences? And maybe dreams? Very possible. After all many times happens, that twenty-year-old man with the ton of luggage delivered by the life, is far maturer mentally, emotionally and generally, than the thirty-year-old good-for-nothing, full-fledged party animal who neither thinks to settle down and to take serious decisions, and a brush-off of hangover is their biggest problem.
Well, however no matter how to look, not everyone is on the same level of progress and the maturity, one are capturing them earlier and are ready to become caring, responsible and loving parents which will give to the little baby everything the best and the most beautiful feelings, and others... Need much more time to get out of life swaddling-clothes.
However no matter what, for the normal, aware and adult man, the baby is a darling, a tiny pearl that deserves the piece of the sky. Both for the woman who for nine months is carrying the new life under her heart, feels its every activity, is sharing her body and all feelings with her baby, and for the man who looks at the growing belly of his partner, watching the child on the ultrasound scan, can see how is moving, can hear its heartbeat... - a baby is a most beautiful and greatest, irreplaceable and incomparable gift.

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