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Many persons ask me the questions concerning my plans for the future, also about my preferences in the issue of the domicile, vision of life in following years, whether I'm going to stay in one place, or perhaps to be in the ceaseless travel, alone or with the family etc. Therefore I just decided to write the post about it.
So the answer seems simple and complicated at the same time, because... I am young. I still have my whole life to live and I can't in one hundred per cent say I will stay in one place, also I'm not able to deny that I surely won't be based in a few various places of the world. However for sure ceaseless living out of a suitcase without the refuge and the stabilization isn't for me and I can't imagine such a solution in the long run. After all I don't reject the possibility of being stationed in Dubai by a few years or moving permanently to Australia, if the future goes this way and there will be friendlier conditions for life.
With the family or alone? With the family I'll start, in order to create the home giving the safety for next years in the best way. Lonely migrations aren't already my plan of the realization of dreams, at least not this kind.
As I mentioned before and one day wrote - I'm young, world is open for me, there is a plenty of places, which it's possible and worthwhile to visit as well as I know for sure that reaching as the biggest amount of beautiful nooks is one of my goals so definitely travels are and will be a part of my life.

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