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Can you recognize if the smile is from heart or just fake?

A man is an excellent actor. Is able to perfectly fake happiness and joy even when pain and despair are ripping from inside. Nothing strange if is being perfectly trained since was a child, after all. Already as a little kid (and even younger!) is being forced to hide feelings, posing to photos with a smile from ear to ear, because other facial expression is disfiguring the family snapshot, and on the class photo the child will present ugly in comparison to smiling peers... At the meeting with the not-seen for a long time aunt, because after all it's not nice to pick and choose in the company, cry and dissatisfaction crashing the imagination of the sweet little baby, so better to dictate to the young man with the power of persuasion the rule of the smile above all else from an early age, usually against true feelings.
As everybody knows what youth is used to, age remembers... So what follows, standards inculated in their youth become permanent in the adult life, become second nature and the border between the honest smile from the heart and the fake stuck to the face for effect is becoming very thin, and with time actually disappears. It isn't so easy to stay truthful and to keep the naturalness in the world demanding the drama game so much, and the one which despite everything makes a success of it, is a champion.

It's proven that the man who cares about the other person, is able to recognize several dozens types of their smile. People in love which without words are able to read everything out from the face of their second half are the biggest champions.

What about you? How many types of smile are you able to recognize? And perhaps you still mistake the smile with the sticker?

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