Alter ego.

by - 11:34 PM

How well do you know the people you live with? If you really know so much about them, as much you think that you know?
Whether you believe the ones you pass every day in the street, you meet at the work? If you are sure of the ones you entrust your life in their hands?
Going to the doctor, are you one hundred per cent sure, that it is a good specialist who will do everything to help, rather than the charlatan who will use you as the guinea-pig, exposing your health and the life?
Getting onto a plane, you know for sure that you will be safe, rather than turned over to the favour and the disgrace of the psychopath, the murderer behind helms who with malice aforethought will smash the machine on the  ground, with pleasure murdering hundreds of innocent souls in addition?
How much are you sure of yourself, that appearances don't delude you?
People hide many secrets, many times their other face. Under a thick layer of secrets and illusions they are hiding their real "I". Soft and delicate as rose petals, or hard and cold as a stone. You think that you know them well, however what is being hidden under the heavy coat of appearances, can turn out to be something what you would never expect, and even to horrify very much with shocking, drastic truth.
How you would react, if your neighbour turned out to be the psychopath, nanny, which is looking after your child - the infanticide, and pilot which a moment ago entered the plane - keen suicide?
Whether you are able to guess, what is hiding in other people's minds, are you thinking, whom they are? Whom they really are?

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