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Some moments I think, whether people still remember what is a respect to the other person, whether animal instincts already totally took the control over some of them... What I read last time, what I had seen, and what I experienced firsthand, caused that I had been horrified and I lost my faith into the goodness and the human intellect...

As the example I will use the situation from before a few days.
One of many groups on Facebook, counting several dozen thousands of members. I frankly admit that I don't know how I was there so I'm concluding that one of my friends added me.
Seemingly normal people, and in fact wild beasts without scruple, feelings and limits which have not a speck of dignity, not to mention the humanity. They are taking care of matters which in their opinion are worth the attention, there is gossiping, offending and humiliating other people, without hesitation using their photos, personal data, many times addresses or personal details of families of their victims. However threats and a melediction are their most frequently and most willingly used tools, in addition this first is far more often used than second... Yes, well you can see, threats. Punishable threats, for example of battery, death, finding and "taking care" of a given person or their family and friends, wishing rape both women and men and children, death, illness, loss of the family and everything what valuable... Frightening directly so that the given man should be careful when is going out, because can come to a sticky end, that learn where lives and catch them etc... This collection is much more longer and more "impressive", and making a list of all epithets which were written from members of this group to the other persons would take a good few days.
Several days ago seeing one of posts added there, I didn't withstand and I stood up for the woman as innocent as a lamb against these monsters. I didn't have to wait long time for a response - after only two minutes I received a notification that somebody mentioned me in the comment... Just for a thought what could appear for my eyes, shiver passed me. I expected that there was no chance for the polite answer, but... What I saw was worse than the most daring ideas.
"Squeal one word of the defence more, and you will regret you small ****, it won't be difficult to find you. Guard the muzzle **** or else you will taste knife into ribs and **** in ****, dudes will willingly have fun. Be careful baby girl, or else we won't have a mercy" one of users being a member of the unlucky group wrote in response to my standing up for the woman attacked in the post. Adult man, not a brattish teenager. Insults and the vulgarisms included in the quoted comment were censured by me with stars ****.
If you think that this in-crowd is only a joking, that all vulgar and aggressive words, which they are directing to other persons, are just a game and joke then you are mistaken. It's no joke neither no game. It completely "serious" treating the man as rubbish. Pure bestiality. The Internet gang of people who usually doing the decent work, have wives and husbands, are fathers and mothers... And when nobody is looking, are turning into executioners online, thinking that they are going unpunished.
After the situation mentioned above, I left the described group. I don't know, how its further fates will go and whether somebody will deal with this organization, before its members really lead to the tragedy. I only hope that none of psychopathic threats which are written in this circle will be fulfilled and harm will happen to nobody.

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