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I don't have to answer every question.
I don't have to talk about everything, to reveal every detail of my life.
It's not my duty to be an opened book for everyone who wishes it.
I'm not an information service.
I don't have to let in into my home, the wallet and the bed of nosey, nosy, but first of all strange persons.
It isn't my task to be scared what others will think.
My life isn't someone's life so that somebody could decide on what happens there.
My body is my body, not the public property so that hot discussions about it took place.
In my life the definition of the privacy is well-known and nobody or nothing will never make it disappear.
My future is my future, not the interesting jigsaw for persons who never talked to me.

And finally ME, I am myself and only myself.
The fact that you will steal my photo and upload to the social media won't cause that you will be me.
Fact that you will think the fairy tale up for yourself and accuse me that I stole you the blog won't transform my achievements into yours.
The fact that you will hijack my biography to yourself, won't make you become me or the better version of somebody whom you are.
I'm not a star so that strange persons debate about me, and the Internet boiled from rumours, news and the human curiosity.
I'm not a celebrity so that somebody created profiles sacrificed to me and my fan clubs.
I'm not a machine on the radar which is possible to track, to control and to observe without limitation.
I'm not an insect in the laboratory so that everyone could be allowed to observe every change in me with the magnifier.
But first of all - I have my rights, my limits, my privacy, I'm nobody's property and no one has the right to violate it.

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