Child of fame.

by - 7:32 PM

Some, but no! Majority of the women which are participating in the internet life is boasting for the pregnant belly, uploads the plenty of photos and films showing the progress of their pregnancy to social media, starting from the first ultrasound scan, not to say from two lines on the pregnancy test, day after day to the childbirth, and later million snapshots of newborn babies are going to their profiles.
One are doing it, because are full of joy and happiness and want to share this wonderful experience with world what is truly understandable. However other are motivated by the thought, that pregnancy and the child are a perfect marketing trick, what can catch the attention for them, and what follows to get the interest and fame.
Like it or not, with distress I have to admit they are right - it works. Following social profiles of many women, as well as many times teenage girls, neutral users and bloggers, many times I've noticed this worrying mechanism. Until were "normal", they had an average number of followers, and their activity was going slow or even didn't at all. However the moment, when publicly announced pregnancy and started filling their accounts up with hundreds of photos of the growing baby bump, an ultrasound scans and dozens of other pregnancy multimedia, an absolute time bomb fired. Followers number day by day was growing at full speed, the level of an interest in them immediately jumped on the highest level, and in the case of bloggers, benefits didn't also omit blogs which thanks to the belly got hundreds of new readers. With word - fame's approved, task done on 5, the child is a profit.
Probably it's easy to guess, why I'm writing about it. Certainly guessing won't also be difficult, that probably not in order to approve such a behaviour. So why?
For me the progression of this kind of action is definitely going over the top and fully incongruous. Using the child as tool of getting fame, is an insolence on the highest level, treating this young life like an object, forgetting that this is the alive man, and the Internet doesn't forget. Generally speaking it shouldn't take place at all, and the woman which is practising these rituals actually probably not yet grew up to such a huge responsibility as motherhood is, if is able to walk over everybody using the baby as the way in winning the Internet fame...
Personally I think that pregnancy is a private and intimate time which shouldn't be taken out for effect. I'm not a supporter of uploading to the Internet photos of the belly, USG, or of toddler after the birth. From my side I know that I won't share this trend and all pregnancy souvenirs will find their way to the family album so that this miracle stays safe for long years. I think that privacy protection, the same own and of the child from wrong persons should be on the top, and the safety should be a priority from the beginning.

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