Make a Wish.

by - 12:14 PM

You say that you believe in dreams, but you don't believe or you are not really convinced that they will ever come true?
Don't worry, you aren't alone. I had the same and what's more, I had the same for many many years. Actually through the very long time even though I had dreams, many dreams, I have never fully believed that they could become reality and that my life would become better. Yes, even though that for the ones who are with me for the longer time, it may look like a total abstraction, I was an unbelieve as big as the universe is. Usually I said: "I don't believe in such a miracles"...
However now, no matter what, I would never say it again. In the past I thought that dreams coming true were one of these fairy tales, where dragons are breathing fire, and unicorns are flying all over the sky... It was an abstraction for me. At present I don't believe, but in the existence of impossibles. Because they don't exist, simply. Everything is possible. Everything, without exception, anything it is, for sure isn't impossible. If you want, you will have.
Every dream can come true, it just needs a little help, coming out from the shadow and will to dare. I got it, unexpectedly a great dream which I've been hiding in myself for a few years, because I was almost sure that it will never be turned into reality, came true. But finally I dared myself, I made the step into unknown and... Surprise! A supernatural happiness came to me, literally supernatural. Therefore now I will never again let anyone say to me that things and unfeasible goals exist. All you have to do is to have enough strength, faith and to help the destiny. Simple, right? 

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