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There is one thing that I think I should share with you, because if you read my blog, you are close to me, it may interest you.
Today's postfrom my side won't be very long, because its essence is not on my blog, but on the website of one team from Asia, and concretely...
Some time ago I was asked to give an interview from the point of view and experience of a blogger and... One more work that I do, which is very interesting because it is not an open and widely available profession. I accepted the offer, but I agreed to answer questions only about me as a blogger and the general blogosphere, and give some advice to people who want to create their own blogs. Everything else was rejected. Why? And because, as I wrote in one of the August posts, from the new year I plan to expand the blog and add to it a menu with a new, thematic categories, so I decided that it would be better if I write more and deeply about this topic myself in my little corner and if my readers will be interested, they will always know where to find regularly updated information. My blog is a safer and more reliable place to discover this type of new sphere. However, referring back to quite a long and detailed interview with me, if you are interested or just curious about what's going on, you can find it on this website:

Have a nice read! 

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