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Aruba. Have you ever heard of this place? Do you know where it is? Or maybe you were also lucky to visit it? If you have no idea what is it, where or what's going on, I'm inviting you to read this post (which I have been postponing for some time) even more, and you will find out everything.
Aruba... The name at first glance, may bring to the layman's mind at most an exotic fruit or a colorful parrot from the tropical world. Idea not very accurate, and yet quite close to the truth, because... Behind this mysterious name a beautiful island hides, an exotic paradise, which charms from the first step and takes breath away to anyone who appears there. Caribbean, sea, hot sun and a light breeze smelling of salty water, which additionally makes the time spent on kilometers of wide sandy beaches much more pleasant and above all... The largest and cutest attraction of this place, what is... Beautiful flamingos wading along the seashore on my beloved Flamingo Beach. They are birds so friendly with people that they can easily be fed from hand and pose for photos (although for this second you need a bit more luck), don't run away or bite, but every time they cause a huge smile on face, because can also be quite funny.
It's not without reason that Aruba is called One Happy Island - there is probably no person who would be sad there for a while, starting with the inhabitants, finishing with tourists. The first ones are extremely cheerful people, always smiling, hospitable, willing to help and loving joking. Really warm people who don't seem to know what sadness is. Judging by the joyful faces of the Arubians, not only views are a fairy tale there. If you are looking for a perfect vacation destination in an exotic paradise - this is it, however...
Sometimes I really wonder how would it be like to stay and live there. Colorful landscapes, temperatures not falling below 28 degrees, sun in the sky all year round, and for cooling - swimming in the Caribbean Sea and rest in the shade of palm trees. Heaven on Earth.

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