Baby Boom.

by - 5:15 PM

What's done is done. You are pregnant. Planned, whether no, at the thought of the new life growing in your body, you got wings and you are the happiest woman in the world.
Super, you received the greatest gift that exists. Now the choice is yours: to be pleased with a blessing with your partner, the family and close friends, or to make every detail available in the Internet. What do you choose?
I guess, that majority of us, women, despite everything, puts the privacy, both own, as well as of unborn child above all, because after all it is the most important, and why would the wide Internet audience be supposed to follow every change in the body and the life of a mother-to-be and to be notified about every examination and new clothes bought for the baby? Privacy, safety, protection... Sounds logically, hmm?
So why for some women, the first reaction to the news about pregnancy, is creating the page on Facebook where they are relating the duration of their different condition starting from a pregnancy test, all the way to the birth, or horror of horrors (!), creating the special separate, public account on Instagram, devoted to the everyday or almost everyday photoreport of the growing belly, for adding baby scans, announcing every lasting week of pregnancy, size of the foetus, amount of days left to the childbirth, uploading films recording movements of the baby visible through the belly, for boasting about every purchased thing from the layette for the newborn baby... And of course it can't be forgotten about public informing people, how often it is necessary to use the toilet, because the baby is pressing the bladder, or how very much pain of the spine is bothering them, and of course announcing that a baby growing under the heart is a 50% of mum and the 50% of dad, as if nobody knew about it... God, really? Whether only I think, that instead of announcing for everyone around and to inform about all symptoms and details of the duration of own pregnancy in the social media, better is to disappear from this sphere of the Internet and to keep this priceless time for oneself, not sharing out what should stay in the closed circle of the closest people...?
Personally I think that something like that is inadmissible and I can't imagine this type of behavior from my side, ugh, it's even unbelievable to me, how could I expose myself and the baby to thousands of nosy eyes, being aware of the fact that not everyone who is closely keeping up with me and following every my step, is somebody who bestows me sympathy...
Unfortunately, but as can be seen, not every woman realizes the possible consequences of sharing pregnancy, and then photos of the child in the social media... It is pity that they don't have even a bit of empathy towards the own baby, which privacy and its protection should be their highest priority, and in many cases, they are losing with the ruthless fight for getting Internet fame...

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