Ever Ever After.

by - 9:49 AM

Here it is! Wedding ceremony!
Beautiful day, the dreamt one, awaited with eyes of imagination for many years, most often already since childhood. Little girls, dressing long dresses, beads, heels of mum while having fun and pretending that they are lovely brides, going to the altar, where prince from their dreams is waiting for them impatiently. Who doesn't know this scenario, doesn't remember from the own carefree times of the childhood, from the backyard or from films?
Many people want to get the own wedding, to find this only second half with whom will spend the rest of their life, will start a family, will raise children, will overcome adversities and happily live to their old years. After all what could be more beautiful than finding happiness and being pleased in fulfilling it with the beloved person who is the one and only in the world?
Many people dream about it and many get, however not all have such a good luck and are pleased with a kindness of the fate. There are persons who from various reasons never meet their second half. Sometimes because of independent reasons, so-called force majeure, sometimes coz of own, conscious choice, and other... To the own wish, because their character is so unbearable that potential partners aren't able to put up with them and are running away as soon as possible in fear of the own life.
But despite everything, a wedding is a great experience in the life of every man, saint day, beginning of the new way, shared with the loved person, until the death separates.

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