Sheik's wife.

by - 6:22 PM

To be a wife of the sheikh. Has anyone ever thought how it is like? Some most probably yes, after all the topic of Arabic marriages, life in the Arabic country and enjoying gold, not caring about the money, usually is a hot topic and stirs up a lot of controversies. Especially last years, when there was much talking out loud about Arabic terrorists, people of Arabic blood aren't enjoying the common sympathy.
Often happens, that discussions are exploding, disgust, speech of hate, how these women are bad, worthless have a status of bitches of their man. How all these people bad. Indeed, they don't have such a huge freedom how women of other areas, but they don't perceive restrictions which are ruling in their life as bad, it isn't a prison for them, as it seems to people of countries of the free civilization. Why? Where from these differences in the perception?
For them, it is a norm, part of their culture, manners, mentality. These women are accustomed and fully accept the fact that they have a lower authority than men and must be completely submissive to their husband. Many times their marriages are also arranged, although fortunately more and more often comes to vows from true love. However something by something. In countries of Europe, America, Australia or the biggest part of Asia, the fair sex often takes over typically male duties, is pursuing masculine professions, is dominating at home and woman is holding world in her hands. However Arabs can fully celebrate their femininity in other aspects of life. They don't have to worry for money, about finances, can spend savings on anything want and whenever they want, overlooking prices, because the husband is so rich that the contents of the treasury will never be used up. They have their centres of the relaxation and entertainment, where no man has an admission. They aren't bothering with caring for the safety, because their houses are fortresses, where the staff and bodyguards are defending their comfort and the convenience. They have assured stress-free access to the best doctors, hairdressers, specialists etc. And this way it's possible to show at least a dozen aspects, in which the life of Arabic princesses is prevailing above the life of dominating women. They have everything what want for the nod, no concerns, worries, are gentle women of who the husband takes care. And women of the modern civilization, are queens of the own life who are holding everything with iron fist, with the man or without him.
However it doesn't make sense to fool oneself, the layperson who doesn't have knowledge about the Arabic, oriental culture, will most probably never understand a point of view of these people. Because isn't able, or doesn't simply want to understand what is far and strange for them. And all hateful speeches and prejudice, are usually a result of a lack of understanding. The fact that the Arabic culture is specific and different, doesn't mean that is bad, let's have a respect.

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