Hello May.

by - 5:07 PM

The May came. Hot time, both in life, as well as meteorologically. However I entered this beautiful month dominated by many dithers and the doubt, well, it happens, especially now. Such a life.
As you know, above all, the April was incredibly difficult for me in terms of motivation, and more specifically the complete lack of it. I didn't have enough power or willingnesses to do anything artistic, and looking to the blog was a painful punishment for me, because I wasn't able literally to write anything, oh well... Even I thought that this was already the end and my paths with blogosphere will separate forever.
Luckily I made a mistake and I'm starting to write everything anew. It's a pleasant surprise, that I came back over the month earlier than I supposed, because I thought that only a travel would bring me the wave of new powers, but at least it's a good prophecy for my future as a blogger, so I think that I'm returning to form and now everything will already be better and better. In the end positive disappointment is always welcome. I hope that my comeback will be fruitful and I will use well last months being full of a free time, and on my blog many new posts that you will like, will come into existence. 

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