Blog... And what next?

by - 5:33 PM

There is a beautiful, brisk and sunny morning, or just the opposite grey, cold and rainy evening. You wake up full of energy, or you are wriggling in bed before the dream. And then boom - an ingenious idea is coming to your mind. You have a plan, good, but still uncertain and elaborate. You want to create the blog. To have own corner online, to create, to share the particle of yourself with world. Nevermind if it was an inspiration of one second, or the scenario spun in mind for months or even years, you want to do it, you feel in your bones the need of giving everything from yourself, of taking a step forward. But still. You are afraid. You don't have a clue, whether it will work, whether something good will be from this, whether people will read, whether you will achieve only avalanches of hate. You are eaiting your heart out with this feeling, but you take a risk, courageously and simultaneously shyly you are registering your website in the Internet. From huge excitement in tormenting emotions, you are sitting down to write the first post, to create the graphical cover nice to the eye. You hope that it will appeal to somebody and will get positive reactions. The first steps, the little views, first haters. Beginnings are very difficult, but you don't give up, you fight and you try farther, after all it was your dream to fulfil which finally was going to come true. And okay. The first weeks, months are passing. You are systematically working, you are designing new posts, you are implementing changes, you are improving the blog best how you can. You notice, expected or no, the score is gliding up. Joy, right? But calm down, it's just a start. Real adventures will begin soon, really. You dared, you became a blogger. And prepare to it, that it could be conscious or not - step to the end of your former, harmless life in the shadow, when nobody knew you, didn't recognize, didn't write e-mails etc. Yes yes. You don't believe, hm? You don't have to, but well, this is the truth. Seemingly little meaning and personal writing the blog with time can lead to the fact that you will start having (attention, attention) don't be afraid of this word - fans. Not everyone is expecting it, not everyone is prepared to the possibility of such matters, and you are? Don't be wrong, being somebody recognizable whom know the unknown for him persons, receiving nice messages and sometimes even gifts, is nice experience which are able to cheer up even in very bad situation, but what follows, as vultures to carrion mass of haters will come and in most of cases, their pointless hate. Are you ready for this? Will you get by? To this question you have to answer yourself. With myself I know that these are a huge effort, in spite of passion and pleasure. However it is worst, that along with the increase in your success, people can start being more and more interested in you and your life, or what is worse to copy of both, you, and your blog, however from the part of other authors (and not only) you can expect intense rivalry and desire to prove you, that you are worse than them, although you are getting more and more success, and they don't. However well, it's obvious. In spite of this everything, human jealousy and the loutishness, game is worth a lot, and for the nearest years I won't give blogging up. I prefer to toil with not very intelligent haters, than to resign something, what I love.
So what the dear novice blogger, do you undertake? 😉

By the way thank everyone who wrote and is writing messages to me, mails, who's reading my blog and other social media, asking, if it's possible to meet me, is motivating with opinions to the further action, wants to send gifts, is interested in me etc. Great thanks, I'm supernaturally grateful to you for your amazing commitment and the disinterestedness. It's honour to have readers from several dozens countries of world, for which I'm not indifferent and which want to be in touch with me. Best regards for all of you 🌸

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