Facebook - assassin.

by - 7:18 PM

Facebook. One of the most popular, if not the most popular social media in the world. The generality of people adores it. Various people love this virtual nothingness enough that many times would do everything for this and for likes and comments, frequently of stranger persons - would let cut themselves up alive. It's some paranoia. Paranoia which still is spreading and is gaining the more and more big dash. Younger and older, women and men, on fb and this kind of social media are pouring out entire their life. They're giving all their data, important places, addresses, dates, often not sparing also bringing spicy details into the limelight, which looking at it logically world never should see. Because so we have a climate. Everything must be artificial, pompous and for effect. Everything only up to it, if only "friends" could see. So what that I will resign the privacy and instead of dealing with something more practical I'll spend hours online every day to voluntarily or playing hardball get as most as possible likes and comments. After all - hello, people, look everyone, likes will show you what a super man I am, because nothing else is important, the number of hearts under my photo is an indicator of my value and basta! Well, I don't have words for the further comment of such an attitude and behaviours. Unfortunately, this way the shallow thinking stopped having an age limits already. Mass mentality like the avalanche is rolling into the bottom. I'm only wondering, whether such people are aware of this, that with likes and with comments in social media rather won't feed their families, won't build the future, and the wisdom also won't fall into their mind. Looking on that's all from the side, a lot of times I had impression, that something with me is not so, because attention attention! I don't care about likes, I'm not fawning to comments, on my Facebook profile I have less than one hundred friends which I'm regularly updating and removing, in order not to have an unnecessary spam, but photos, if appear at all, then occasionally, once maybe twice a year. The same concerns every other social media with the blog including. Even here I decide to publish 1/10 of written comments, because as can be seen I differ from the majority of the population so much, that I value neatness, what valuable, rather than worthless load of the spam.

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