Breath of the future.

by - 5:39 PM

I live. I breathe. I feel. I am. Now and here. Short and to the point. However it's impossible to cheat the reality, it won't be possible to stop the passing time, and the present time won't last forever. When only a moment of calm is coming, a lot of questions and anxieties appears. Who will I be in a year, five, ten, fifty years? What will I be dealing with? Whether still I will have the same passions, or still I will love the same things? Whether still I will be writing, creating the blog? Will I spend entire life with the same second half? Whether person which loves me now after X years still will love me? Whether I will have children, will I get married? What profession will I be working in? How will I look like, whether I'll be healthy, what my frame of mind will be? Will I change the place of living? Will I be happy? Will I make  my dreams come true? Will I give happiness to somebody? How will my life look like? Will everything be well? What I will get to see, what countries to travel? What new experiences will meet me? How this all will be? How very much will I and persons which I love change? Will it be with difficulty? What will I manage to reach? Will I rub along? And I could this way recite ad infinitum. In the mind there are hundreds, thousands, million, if not even billions of questions and thoughts about the future which is inevitable, which sooner or later will come and will affect everyone. Functioning in the everyday life, there's not always a time to do the self - examination, to calmly think and to accustom with what is coming fast and from what nobody is able to escape. We are all aware, that with time everything, will change and us too, but not everyone accepts such a course of accidents. Sometimes I am also afraid to think what it will be, what will happen with me and with my life with time, in closer and farer future, how very much I will change, however well, I am a type of the person which thinks a lot. Think not only about it, what now and here, but also about this, what will happen, what will come. I'm planning, fixing purposes, I am dreaming, creating ideas, although I know that planning often is causing more following disappointments and dithers, and better not to do long-range plans, I still do this, all me, this is just how I am. Even though I am a little bit afraid of coming news, future, I am trying to approach this subject with a little distance, just not to go crazy, however anyway I live with huge hope that the time will bring something good to me, remarkable new experiences, will let me progress and achieve success both, in the personal sphere, in love and family matters, and in cases of work and finances, and fulfil my passions, the purposes and dreams, getting it, what best, surrounding myself with wonderful and beloved people.

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