Touch of the past.

by - 5:37 PM

At one time I had my beginning. As everyone. My life began the same like of everyone other, however differently. I am the same man as everyone, but somebody other, exceptional and unique. Everything began from one, small point. Conception, birth, the first heartbeats, the first breaths, the first look at world, the first steps, first meetings with people, the first words. From this my timeline started, this way everything began. Such long time, so many years, and in memories like a few minutes film. However the past isn't gone. Everything remained in the memory, every moment, every detail of me on all stages of my life. On last days a lot of this came back to me, I started coming back in thoughts to what passed, up to those moments, moments, when I was happy from the beginning of my being. Now, from a perspective of the past years I can see, how month by month, from the year for the year more and more I changed. What mile space arose between me even two years ago, and me at present, not mentioning earlier times of course. So many metamorphoses occurred in me, as if I had at least fifty faces. It is something incredible, how my character is distant now than of former me. So much of changes both in perceiving of world with my eyes, as well as of my person in eyes of world. It's like space between the Earth and the Sun. Difference not to the recognition. Are moments, when the past is returning, everything what was, is remembered what passed, so beautiful nostalgia for something what will never again be back. It is able to really strongly affect the man. Sometimes even tears coming to eyes seeing how a lot walked away and how a lot came, of what being a version of myself from the past I would never expect that something like that can meet me, that I can reach something like that in my life, that I can become somebody who I am now. Coming changes and transformations are something beautiful and terrifying in one, but in addition excellent and secret phenomenon, and most importantly inevitable, therefore it isn't worthwhile being afraid of them, and with joy waiting for what will appear and with the warmth in heart recalling the past times which caused, that I was happy and now I am whom I am. A past is an invaluable treasure trove of priceless experience which is a gift for the future. For the future which is a miracle and a mystery.

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