Where are you?!

by - 3:19 PM

For a long time you are looking for contact with me, you are asking where I am what I am doing, what happens to me, why I disappeared, why there is long time without me and I nowhere appear, I don't add new posts, and my accounts in social media were closed...
You are asking if everything is alright, if something happened and what it the reason of current situation, whether I will come back to writing and being active in the Internet, or it is already the end of my adventure and I intend to start something brand new.

Don't worry guys.
Everything fine, even more than fine, currently I'm very happy, because one of my greatest dreams came true. Admittedly my life toppled over upside down, everything changed, completely turned around, I'm starting to live anew, but it's one of the most beautiful changes which could happen to me and until today I cannot believe, that that's true... 

Unfortunately, it didn't pass also without moments of terror, sadness, tears and fears... Most probably already all of you could hear, what a tragedy Greece went through, how many innocent human beings murderous flames ravaged... How many women, men and children were burnt alive during several days of uncontrollable fires... Sorry, I don't want to write a lot about it, because tears are coming to eyes... 

However now most important is that everything already calmed down it's all right and it's possible to make farther progress, looking to the future with optimism.

So my dear, after two months of constant absence on the blog, four months of the closed account on Instagram and six months of the complete lack of the activity on Snapchat, I'm informing you, that... I'm back to regular writing, with the mind full of ideas and motivation, and soon I'm also going to activate my social media again, and in addition... Soon I'll have a surprise for you all, but about it - in the next post. 

Meanwhile I would like to thank you very much for the interest, messages, many times also supporting and motivating, and especially I want to say a big THANK YOU to these few wonderful people who made me so super photographic surprise, when I was absent. I love you all. 

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